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Paul Francis Tiernan & John Lester

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Paul Francis Tiernan & John Lester

Paul Francis Tiernan – Gitarre & Gesang

John Lester – Bass & Gesang

In the summer of 2005, a festival happened for the *irst time on the coast of Central France in an old wooden shipbuilding town called Rochefort. This festival was no ordinary festival, as the organizer’s vision and intent was to throw talented musicians together, spontaneously but not randomly, and see what happened.
So Paul Tiernan, a singer-songwriter-guitarist from Ireland, and John Lester a singer songwriterbassist from the USA, met just 15 minutes before they hit the courtyard stage as a duo. They were the *irst act, on the *irst day, of the *irst year, of Rochefort En Accords and something happened …something magical. Both musicians recognized it and by the end of the weekend, were sharing it with an audience of thousands from the festival main stage.
Paul has toured and played with Donovan, Glen Hansard andMorcheeba.
John has also toured with Gretchen Peters and played with Patti Smith.



„Ein Konzertabend mit Paul Tiernan und John Lester bleibt als musikalisches Erlebnis lang in Erinnerung.
Als intensive Begegnung mit zwei bemerkenswerten Poeten und beeindruckenden Persönlichkeiten.“
Friedrich Barniske Acoustic Concerts Berlin 2016

„Tiernan is the master at the top of his game!“
Performing Songwriter USA

„Lester’s understated virtuosity demands attention!“
Maverick Magazin UK

„The interaction that goes on between them, both overtly and covertly, is something thats subtle and sensational,voices and instruments intertwining and blending to weave songs of influence and poise“.
– FolkWords



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